About Us

WELCOME! Just wanted to take time out to tell you who we are....

This team consists of Nurses with a background in infection control, pediatric nursing, and psychiatric nursing, with a HUGE interest in aesthetics! Yes skincare!

We personally struggled finding good, natural and effective products for our skin. After months and months of intensive research, which included analyzing clinical research in peer-reviewed journals and collaborations and interviews with experienced chemists, dermatologists, experienced nurses in the field, we then developed a host of products that works great for ALL SKIN TYPES!

We partnered with 2 FDA approved, GMP-Certified USA based laboratories. And guess what? These are the same laboratories where some of your high-end luxury skincare products are manufactured!

Our team works together to ensure all the products are checked for quality assurance and properly shipped while practicing STRICT infection control precautions.

Here at Unblemished Skincare Solutions LLC we believe as skin is your largest organ, it is important to take care of it too. We also believe skincare shouldn’t be complicated. High-quality skincare should be accessible and affordable for everyone.

Thank you for visiting this site I hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed creating them. Feel free to LIVE CHAT with us while shopping if you have any questions.


✨💕 Sending Love and Light,


Keshia Godoy, BSN RN, CEO


Unblemished Skincare Solutions LLC